Based on my inspiration (See inspiration post) I want to set my game in a insane asylum so i need to do research in what insane asylums are and how there run.

I started my research by looking in Wikipedia’s page for lunatic asylum so i could see what work they referenced to see if there was any information in the design of my game. this took me to a book called The Architecture of Madness: Insane Asylums In The United States by Carla Yanni. Carla’s book talks about how doctor’s in the past thought they could cure people’s insanity and the symptoms they had like thinking they were famous or characters from religion and “nonstop hair pulling and preying”. I can use these symptoms to add to the environment of my game. the book mentions the difference between doctors and psychiatric specialists doctors made house calls whereas the psychiatric specialists just treated people in asylum. I could use the preying information to add religion in potential flashback or lore in the game and maybe add a mechanic that makes it so a cross glows if the killers coming.

The second useful piece of research I found on Wikipedia was a old article that came out July 16th 1900 and its about the first insane asylum in Virginia. The article goes over the opening of the first few insane asylum i could go through these to time period to base the design off. I used the years mentioned and typed it into bing images to get an idea for what that asylum looked like and what happened to it over the years. The images i found give me ideas for what i wanted the asylum to look like and what assets i wanted to add in my game using Photoshop to make graffiti version of my materials to make the asylum look more accurate.

I looked into different metal disorders to see the effect of this got have on a person and know how someone with a mental disorder would act. I found a website called forensics colleges where it lists different mental disorders and describe its symptoms also known killers with the disorder.

Schizophrenia is a mental illness common with serial killer and causes fast unnatural seeming movement (they call it catatonia), lack of showing emotion hallucinations like David Berkowitz killed six people because a dog told him to do it. I could use this disorder by have the antagonist talk to a rat that makes him think his actions are right.

Antisocial Personality disorder is a known for making the person have a lack of of feeling for other people an example of a show using this disorder is IZombie season 1 episode 3 The Exteriminator where the main character eats the brain of a hitman with APD and struggles with a lack of feeling anything about killing her old friend. I could have the antagonist have APD so as a explanation for him not to think about the victims of his experiments.

I talked to my sister about my game idea and asked if she knew anything to research and she mentioned a abandoned asylum in Cane Hill asylum. I plan on going to get ideas of how I’m going to make and texture my asylum in blender.

I looked in Cane Hill Asylum and found two useful video’s one showing the exterior of the asylum and other showing the interior and explaining how the building burned down.


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (N/A). Lunatic asylum. Available: Last accessed 24th January 2019.


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